View Full Version : To release a newbie authored DVD or put more work into it?

2006-11-22, 03:29 PM
Ok, let me explain this one. I normally just download from the site and share the downloads. However, I got my hands on a rare VHS tape of the Dave Matthews Band from 5-14-1995.
I bought the AV Pyro link to capture the VHS tape to my PC (that is done). I am using Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 to basically set the DVD chapters (that is done), and to create a menu for the DVD (In progress). I noticed that within Premiere Elements that authoring a menu isn't the most flexible. So, now I am wondering if I should release the DVD, or if people who are experts at authoring DVD's are going to say once released, why I didn't do this or that with the DVD. Since, I am new at the authoring part, I can probably spend days playing around with it. I have spent about 5 hours today on it. The other part I didn't fix, is when you copy a VHS tape to the computer, the bottom of the screen leaves those annoying lines, because VCR's when played you don't see that on your TV. So, I thought I should crop off the bottom few lines, but then I was thinking, don't mess with it because I don't want to screw up the 20 GB avi file. So, do I release it? Or play around with it more, or try to get my hands on Adobe Premiere Pro? The DVD menu from the template within Elements I have works just fine (see attachment), it just doesn't look the best. Any thoughts? Yeah, I know, damn newbies.....

2006-11-22, 11:05 PM
Well, several hours later, and everything is done, all but removing the few lines at the bottom of the video, due to VHS to computer conversion. So, I will be posting the dvd up on the site soon.

2006-11-23, 01:29 AM
Hi poormonkey, sorry for the lack of response, but I think many people are off on vacation (Thanksgiving). Personally, the menus are such a small part of what I like about videos. I like the content.

2006-11-24, 01:30 PM
too late it seems, but i'll answer anyway by voting put "more work into it"...that is unless yer lazy, or have more important things to do with yer time--then just make sure you author it at the highest possible bit rate [and use PCM for yer audio, and not ac3 or other lossy codec]

btw, that menu looks fine to me poormonkey...you've got chapter menus set atleast...i would then just include all the details regarding source/transfer in an info text file, good to go