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2006-11-21, 02:04 AM
I'd like to seed a few Iron & Wine torrents, as they're under-represented around here. I've added track metadata to the original FLAC files, and renamed them as well, with the format "Artist - Live yyyy-mm-dd - disc # - track# - Title.flac"

I've also applied ReplayGain single/album tags to the files. The venue is tagged in the "comment" section, and the original .txt that came with the concert .zip is left untouched. With these considerations in mind, are my files ok to seed as-named and as-tagged? I will, of course, provided new md5 and ffp txt files to match the filenames.

2006-11-21, 09:49 AM
As long as you document what you've done and you haven't actually changed the files, then you are fine. When I do a change like this, I add something to the bottom of the text file like:

Added Nov 21, 2006: I added track metadata to the original yada, yada, yada.

That way, the original text is still there with just my comments added at the end to say what I've changed with the fileset.

2006-11-21, 01:24 PM
^what she said

also, note that ffp/st5 will be identical regardless of meta data stuff, unless you've screwed up.