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Black Peter
2006-11-19, 10:56 AM
my port number shows an error when i test. any help on a good number?

2006-11-19, 11:49 AM
Well, I try to avoid the standard ports and go for a nice high one (I think I use 44000, if I recall). But, the important thing is to forward the same port you use through your router. You can go to portforward.com and find out how to forward your ports for your router.

2006-11-25, 03:47 PM
"You can go to portforward.com and find out how to forward your ports for your router."

My cable modem isn' t listed there (RCA DCM425) and I can't find any info at all on how to forward the port from UTorrent to the router. Any ideas? This is my third attempt in a few months to try to seed a torrent and I seem to be hitting a brick wall once again.

2006-11-25, 04:53 PM
First you need to set up a static IP: http://portforward.com/networking/static-xp.htm

Then, log onto your router and find a page that looks like this: http://img87.imageshack.us/my.php?image=whichonedoiusers5.jpg Put your static IP in the box (where it say 192.168.0.*blank* ) and then your starting and ending port numbers (for instance 51000 and 51005), leave it at "both" and click the enabled button. Then, in uTorrent, input the same starting port number (51000 in my example) and you should be fine. (Well, if you are running Win XP, follow the directions in my sig to forward through the firewall.)

2006-11-27, 11:59 AM
Cool, thanks! Actually someone I trade with walked me through some things over the phone, UTorrent was all configured wrong. But if anyone cares, Stones Forum 3/6/06 and Dodger Stadium 11/22/06 is now on Rocks Off and New York Dolls 05/06 is on Dime.

2006-12-01, 09:57 AM
when i went portfoawrding page i did everything as was said but when i brought about my info(ip adreess DNS servers, ect.) i only got one DNS server number so i didnt have an alternate DNS server #. i am trying to seed using utorrent and it seems like i am seeding but it is very slow and i was just wondering if it could be bc i didnt have that alternate DNS #( i just made one up when it asked for it and proceeded on ,,, prob my mistake)
and when i set up the port fowarding in my router preferences page i only have one port number and had to use it for starting and ending port number . . . . was that bc i didnt get the static ip address. . . . any help would be greatly appreciated thanks

2006-12-01, 10:49 AM
secondary DNS server will not affect BT traffic. I don't think the primary would either, really, since it's all IP based.

The number you use in uTorrent for your port should match the number you use in your router when forwarding traffic. Yes, the range in the router would be the same # for begining/end or start/end. So, the range might be 44500-44500 if you have chosen 44500 for your port and plugged that into uTorrent.

The max # of ports is 65384 (I think that's it - just keep the port number below 60000 and you'll be fine).

you must determine you internal IP address for the machine you run BT on.

Start >Run > CMD(enter)
you'll get a black box
Type IPCONFIG (enter)
Your IP address will be displayed as it currently is set.

Take THAT address and plug it into your router's forwarding, such that you have
port range 44500-44500 forwarded to

Be sure to save the changes. Be sure the port number is also in uTorrent or whatever client you have, and be sure uTorrent isn't set to randomize the port number.

2006-12-02, 05:15 PM
Try one of these links to accede to your router settings through the internet.
Then look for something like "Forwarding ports" or similar, and forward the port of your UTorrent.
Hope it helps.