View Full Version : .WAV to .CDA

2005-01-24, 08:59 PM
What is the best program to convert .wav to cda.???

2005-01-24, 09:15 PM
.cda is the extension that an audio cd/cdr uses.

so burn an audio cdr with EAC

or Nero

or 1,000,000 other progs, these are my 1st and 2nd choice!

hope this helps

2005-01-25, 10:31 AM
And why? .cda is just PCM data that .wav uses, but with header and error-correcting bits stripped off of it. So, what use could you possible have for .cda files?

2005-01-27, 07:03 AM
So, what use could you possible have for .cda files?

Proper playback in a CD stereo? I tend to burn my CD's in audio so I play them on my discman while walking into work.

2005-01-27, 08:31 AM
Any burning program does this automatically. The original question was framed in a way which seemed to indicate the poster wanted to create .cda files without going through the traditional method we've all used 1000s of times, and that's burning an audio CD from the .wav.