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2005-01-24, 03:48 PM
Going to attempt my first seed today (yeah yeah, my bad for being lazy - also computers scare me), mostly because of a request for this Roger Waters show in the ISO forum.

Here's the goods, which are an untouched SHN download I got from STG last year. MD5, artwork, and of course text info is included. From RoIO (http://www.pf-roio.de/roio/roio-cd/complete_kaos.cd.html) this is the same, and looks like the best/only circulating copy available. But this is all the linage I've got for it. Shit, I got it last year and only yesterday did I listen to it for quality, which is very very good btw, though there are a few side drop outs and a couple of fades. I think tape changes. But not bad considering it's 3 full cds worth of material. Oh, I guess I should add that it's 1.16 GBs. All I know is what is in the info file, and here's what is there:

Roger Waters
Nov. 13, 1987
The Mecca, Milwaukee, WI
Complete KAOS

Bookmark as: http://www.pf-roio.de/roio/roio-cd/complete_kaos.cd.html
Format: 3CDR

Catalog: DFP-200 Digital Floyd Project

Misc.: <no info>

Produced: 1997

Date: 871113

Disc: 1 CDR
Disc: 2 CDR
Disc: 3 CDR

Cover Art: Front: Roger Waters from P+C tour. Back: Ticket stub from the concert.

Sources: 13 Nov 1987, Mecca Arena, Milwaukee, WI Disc 3 Tr. 7: Atlanta, 02 Sept 87 Disc 3 Tr. 8: Hamilton, Ontario, 10 Nov 87 Disc 3 Tr. 9: London, 22 Nov 87, with Clare Torry

Hires-cover scans: <no info>

MP3-Sound sample: <no info>

7da52a697dcca46e0e11d1dcc19160a9 rw871113-d1t01.shn
b89429ab3ce41ccd2eb0b82d509f8af2 rw871113-d1t02.shn
ea3dc7b2cbdb4b1d6e9c1762c1f6df2b rw871113-d1t03.shn
b8fac18b132f63088f148ce5fbe7ea37 rw871113-d1t04.shn
fdb1606ae7d3eebf9032350625524b81 rw871113-d1t05.shn
dbd73b79fc0fdef10d0c53c3fbd42ca9 rw871113-d1t06.shn
9e1effdbe56a14c3853b7de8b4402bf3 rw871113-d1t07.shn
38ac3e187f57a62f16fbf4c3bdd579c0 rw871113-d1t08.shn
558fdc6c15a31516170ddf8216eaed79 rw871113-d1t09.shn
820ff237a546021c14a629d8e5cd1358 rw871113-d1t10.shn
cd390ab1973f9e2f27485d1762a6c4f0 rw871113-d1t11.shn
e918ea0f1838a26371295889a0ab2edf rw871113-d1t12.shn
241ec42d06fa18e50be77cd5c20d2aea rw871113-d1t13.shn
604c8bcf994edca9ab1030fe90d82b39 rw871113-d1t14.shn
23337414b638065b426025d74a80c786 rw871113-d1t15.shn
6ff6ecc8f03d8f30d3251720e23c909b rw871113-d1t16.shn
2f529c24fadb80ee5229fb1ccb2a0dec rw871113-d2t01.shn
f32c9a21ee07a21d5dd5aaa9489c82a6 rw871113-d2t02.shn
052fce2b6b3b104a9e44b5beb0eab8a8 rw871113-d2t03.shn
7ecebec01eb5bcd3f8440e14ad9bbc1c rw871113-d2t04.shn
2e9eed0807f35541f57c690befed6f84 rw871113-d2t05.shn
6822f1e3fdf0b6544706c5ff3662b4a9 rw871113-d2t06.shn
81bf6b57ed288e675ac3640426c1330e rw871113-d2t07.shn
6a84080d7f8ee802db6d0eb5597e7a98 rw871113-d2t08.shn
84316f09b8eb64c7ea3308fbda0a4b54 rw871113-d2t09.shn
e791f46089613c99ddd9d2b46f4ef098 rw871113-d2t10.shn
d51b8efd1c2ac89e12f48f598ffda1d4 rw871113-d2t11.shn
fa291e58640d98e398254b7a36a2629a rw871113-d2t12.shn
2f04a10f613d7419d0549539e9a792ef rw871113-d2t13.shn
828a8bda1b094a4b4e2ec2dce3ccdcfc rw871113-d2t14.shn
2d7c7e6e507a32d1a65c8aea8d6d18a8 rw871113-d2t15.shn
2eefd892317f8bda7c7eeb2074a9aae3 rw871113-d2t16.shn
0ab07014791a333bbf00489253416e96 rw871113-d2t17.shn
d27800871ac31e8b4bc45789b3f9a06f rw871113-d2t18.shn
6ed517357ce5bb2fff7508753f972bf6 rw871113-d2t19.shn
f60afc5a7bbfab0a0569bfc95561cdf3 rw871113-d3t01.shn
69d3cab8f9501ab4eae2ea2eb39c0f53 rw871113-d3t02.shn
a377fb9d3005311f0b16813ab64d164f rw871113-d3t03.shn
650c2ea8f1b42587e9b18bf5f0a92a56 rw871113-d3t04.shn
0baf34b5a07dd7ef6c4a5629a5a73039 rw871113-d3t05.shn
89fd46368d0669fc27d455bdb4d8d9ab rw871113-d3t06.shn
db171c81262cbdc7aa83ff4aa8aefa2c rw871113-d3t07.shn
c8d30ad0017906f5fa29bbeb703f9ac0 rw871113-d3t08.shn
e911f466c108d8e6e2e7c4a22cc5a81d rw871113-d3t09.shn

So is this good to up here? Like I said, it's still in the original SHN as I got it from STG. If so, how should I write linage? And what else should I know? This being my first attempt and all. :D

2005-01-24, 10:00 PM

2005-01-24, 10:20 PM
Sorry, I didn't see this before.

Right now, I'm not getting a real sense of the lineage except:

aud > ?? > SHN (via STG)

Is that correct? There was no text file with the show at all that said anything about the ?? part of this?

2005-01-24, 10:41 PM
Sorry, I didn't see this before.

Right now, I'm not getting a real sense of the lineage except:

aud > ?? > SHN (via STG)

Is that correct? There was no text file with the show at all that said anything about the ?? part of this?

Nope. Nothing substantial in regards to linage. My first post has the info file text, and that's all I pretty much know about it. However, on the bottom of the art work it says Re-mastering and production by The Digital Floyd Project. My guess is either they are the original tapers, or are directly connected to them. I think they originally complied this and distributed it directly on CDR's not silvers. From one of those somebody converted it to SHN and then found it's way onto STG. Shady? Yes. But it's also as far as I can tell the best circulating version of this source material as it is in very very good shape.


2005-01-24, 10:42 PM
Also, did you see that? Ticketron!

2005-01-24, 10:44 PM
hmm.. there's no md5s posted on the page you linked, so what we need you to do is check this for a few things...

1. are there TAO gaps? listen for small gaps and/or clicks between tracks, up to 2 seconds.

2. is this mp3-sourced? If you don't know how to check this get me 2-second sample and I can check it for you.

3. Since we don't know where this came from, we need you to vouch for the quality. give it a full attentive listen for clicks, pops and/or diginoise.

Sorry for the inconvenience, since we don't know where this has been we have to make sure that it hasn't been corrupted along the way. Once you've checked everything, the lineage should look something like this:

AUD > ? > CDR(x) > ?extraction software > SHN

and make a note that you got it from STG and have carefully checked it for errors and found it to be a digitally pure and lossless source.

2005-01-24, 11:27 PM
I took these of song #10, Money. Does that help at all?



Also I just burned a copy of what would be the first disc, and gave it a listen between the songs looking for problems. There are no clicks but there is a one second space between songs 7 and 8 for some reason. It's not anywhere else on the first disc. I've only listened through the whole thing once, from WMP and I couldn't hear any digi noise at all, but I'll will burn off all 3 discs and give it a better listen to over the next few days. Thanks for the help.

2005-01-25, 12:48 AM
you're welcome. if the gap is only between t7 and t8 of d1 and not on all tracks then that's cool.

the spectral view looks like an FM broadcast... if at all possible, could you zoom in on a 1.5-2 second segment and take another screenshot of the spectral view? It would probably be a good idea to double-check for lossy source just in case.

when we don't know exact lineage the only way to check it is by listening... I've got lots of audio cdrs from the old days that are either mp3-sourced or have some amount of clicks and pops, however most of them don't. thanks for taking the time to make sure that your seed is the highest quality material!

2005-01-25, 01:30 AM
From 1.40 minutes into song #10 - Money. Here's a 1.5 second anaylisis full range zoom in. And just for the record, to me it looks like a pretty picture, and nothing more. I have no idea what to look for.



2005-01-25, 11:30 AM
I can't say with certainty that this is a safe source... there's very little activity in the high frenquencies, and this is cause for concern.

I'd really like to personally test a short sample/song... check your pm.

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i want this bad

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