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2006-11-09, 02:42 PM
hey I've been uploading a lot lately and my ratio hasnt changed a bit, i tried restarting the pc and everything. Well here is a pic of my torrent client and it shows how much I've uploaded and then when I click on 'peers list' in the TTD forum it doesnt show my name or info.

here is my pic:

http://x5.freeshare.us/122fs4981462_th.jpg (http://x5.freeshare.us/view/?122fs4981462.jpg)

here are the links and it doesnt display my name in 'peers list' and even it does it only shows that i've uploaded a little where as I have uploaded more than 1 gig.


Can an admin please fix this and give me credit for what i've uploaded, and fix my ratio thanks :) you guys rock!

2006-11-09, 02:57 PM
Currently, I only see you uploading on one torrent and you have only been doing so for 41 minutes. The Peers List will only show the activity on there from the last time you started that torrent (in this case, for the last 41 minutes, you have uploaded 47.13 MB). You aren't currently active on any other torrents (you can check your profile to see that: http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/member.php?userid=95743)

(When you restarted your computer, obviously Azureus got shut down, and so when you started your torrents again, the Peers List only shows your upload/download stats since you turned Azureus on again.)

2006-11-09, 03:05 PM