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2006-11-08, 12:51 PM

I am still getting the hang of this so bear with me.

First, I have foobar as my player and I really like it. Is there a better player than it out there?

Second, I have some shn files that I would like to play using foobar. I have found an APE plugin for foobar, but I have not found one for shn. Is there one that anyone is aware of?

Third, is there a converter that will convert shn files to flac and keep them lossless with no degradation of sound quality?

Finally, if I convert shn files to flac can I still upload them? or should I upload the shn original files only?


2006-11-08, 03:55 PM
foobar is a great player... you should just stick with it.

what OS are you running?

2006-11-08, 04:17 PM

I am running XPpro

2006-11-08, 04:28 PM
there is a SHN plugin for foobar somewhere, it comes bundled already with the foobar special installer... just make sure when you install that you check the box for SHN playback.

Traders Little Helper (http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?t=3904&page=1&pp=15) is a great converter you can use and it converts SHN to FLAC along with others.

and 3rd.... if you convert your SHN to FlAC.. yes, you can upload them.. but make sure the shns arent already being seeded at the same time. Also you will need to change the text file and add the fact that you converted from SHN>FLAC and the compression level that was used.

2006-11-08, 04:31 PM

I will have a look around for the special installer. When I installed Foobar it obviously didn't get installed as the shn files won't play.

As for the compression level? What is the ideal? I assume little or no compression is what we are going for here?


Well I had a look in the installer that I have and I see nothing for shn there, perhaps I don't know exactly what I am looking for. Any ideas?

2006-11-08, 04:37 PM
as for the comp. level... I don't use TLH so Im not sure what the default is... but that is fine usually

anyone more familiar want to chime in on this?

2006-11-08, 04:58 PM

is this what I want? in the stable components package there is something called shorten.


2006-11-08, 05:02 PM

2006-11-08, 05:07 PM
ok, great, thanks for your help, this will allow me to play shn files in foobar, and I use traders little helper (tlh) to convert the files from shorten to flac permanently if I want to do that?

2006-11-08, 06:03 PM
Here's a thread to learn about convertion from shn to flac losslessly: http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?t=1112

2006-11-10, 12:35 PM
Finally, if I convert shn files to flac can I still upload them? or should I upload the shn original files only?
yes, but you have to make note of it in the lineage and I would most certainly check that the st5 checksums from both shn and flac sets are identical (use TLH, tutorial in my signature below)