View Full Version : Divx to DVD Recorder with Hard Disk

Toro rampante
2006-11-08, 03:29 AM
Hello to everybody,

I'm new here !

If my questions are already been posted, sorry in advance, please let me know where I have to look for.

I would like to transfer my Divx files to a dvd recorder with Hard Disk and then copy them into the Hard Disk.

I don't want to put these files in cd and than transfer to the dvd recorder, because 1 cd is only about 600 mb.

I'm looking to a dvd recorder that has possibility to connect to my computer with usb or infrared or with other ways that I don't know.

Do any body know if exist a DVD Recorder with Hard Disk with such characteristics or if there will be soon ?

Thank you to all of you !!

Toro rampante