View Full Version : Another Uploading Question (Way Too Low)

Emmett T. Jones
2006-11-07, 10:29 PM
As you know I recently asked you about a problem I was having with way too low upload speeds. Sometimes the problem is gone, but it often persists. So I was skimming through the posts and read your response to the guy with the "sh***y ratio". I did a NAT test like you suggested to him and got this message;

Attempting connect to: port 62890


The connection was successful but a timeout occured reading or writing the BitTorrent client data.

What could be the problem with the timeout?

2006-11-08, 12:39 AM
Before you do a NAT test, you need to make sure to stop all internet activity (pause your browser, stop bittorrent, etc). Then do the test and see what it says. Also, have you done a speed test to see what your ISP is giving you regarding upload/download? Do so, do a google search (although your ISP should have one for you).