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2006-11-05, 10:31 PM

I grabbed a Radiohead show recently and wanted to share it with the site.

It is in FLAC, so I think it fits the criteria. But how do I know for sure. Should I post the nfo file that came with it and you can let me know if it is acceptable?

Also, do I need to add some special file to it? or because it is in FLAC is that all that is needed?

It is an OK show, the crowd is noisy, should I bother?

Cheers, Liam

2006-11-05, 10:53 PM

The requirement is more that the audio be lossless, rather than FLAC, specifically. SHN, APE and others are also allowed, but not lossy compression schemes like MP3 (at any bitrate).

SO... at first glance it might appear that your files meet the requirement, but someone may have encoded them to MP3 at some point and burned to disc. Then someone else rips the tracks back and compresses to FLAC, unknowingly disguising a lossy MP3 as a lossless FLAC.

The best way to tell is to look at the audio on a spectrum analyzer. There are a few different favored programs to do that - my preference is Cool Edit Pro 2.0 (Adobe Audition, now).

There are other factors to consider, such as lineage - the Den is fairly strict and CD-R rips aren't encouraged unless that is the way the audio was originally released.

if you aren't sure of these things, post:
1) the info file
2) the lineage (should be in the info file)
3) a screen shot of the audio in a spectrum analyzer, or if you don't have that, post a snip of the audio in the chorus of one of the songs and someone will have a look at it

2006-11-05, 11:00 PM

Thanks for the quick response!

Here is the nfo file, it comes from the original taper from what I can tell.

Madison Square Garden
October 9, 2003

Taper: xxxxx (xxxxx@<hidden>)
Location: Section 301
Source: Sharp DR-7 line in(minidisc recorder)>Sound professionals SP-SPSB-7 battery box with bass rolloff@<hidden>>
Sound professionals SP-CMC-4 stereo cardioid mics (unidirectional) held about 5' up aimed directly at stage.
Conversion: Sony MXD-D5C deck RCA out>Audigy 2 line in>cd wave>Adobe Audition (amplified +5db)>mkw 0.97 Beta 1>SHN>flac frontend

***********DO NOT ENCODE TO MP3********************


Disc One:

01 intro
02 2+2=5
03 sit down. stand up
04 where i end and you begin
05 kid a
06 backdrifts
07 morning bell
08 my iron lung
09 i might be wrong
10 lurgee
11 sail to the moon
12 paranoid android
13 a punchup at a wedding
14 go to sleep
15 the gloaming
16 idioteque
17 fake plastic trees

Disc Two:

18 there there

Encore #1:
19 you and whose army?
20 national anthem
21 a wolf at the door
22 how to disappear completely

Encore #2:
23 karma police
24 true love waits (thom solo)
25 everything in its right place


Lots of crowd noise in some parts.

Recording issues:

CD1 T02: mic noise between :45-:50
CD1 T12: sound is muffled and some mic noise as security hovered right near me looking for a pot smoker (figures).
CD1 T13: Abrupt start as unit was bumped causing it to pause. Slight gap between track 12 and 13 due to this pause.
CD1 T15: mic noise at end of track (last few seconds)
CD1 T17: mic noise between :45-:50
CD2 T01: Abrupt start due to MD "flip," missed first few seconds.

Compiled on 2003-10-09 by gloco

Converted to flac by gloco on Nov 4, 2006

radiohead2003-10-09 D1T01 Intro.flac:54b0c3cebbae79eab52980aceb3c9d81
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T02 2+2=5.flac:b85faf9c346c3378e8c706780a8d9763
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T03 sit down. stand up.flac:ddab99a970f7a906b5619650d265d9a1
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T04 where i end and you begin.flac:72c24410403f753c7a0fa984430fffac
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T05 kid a.flac:af2c28a4e54258b41aa51887222d3c11
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T06 backdrifts.flac:c7547f074db2901786dc1d6402d3d804
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T07 morning bell.flac:b2d9649372dd4cf53379e4e91dc46305
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T08 my iron lung.flac:ec498df0cef99deb3e9a260e67424b5b
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T09 i might be wrong.flac:d5af0de6635def49931af4ad6c013b99
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T10 lurgee.flac:a5be98e3533a0040927609f21a95ba37
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T11 sail to the moon.flac:84e3126fefa7fdaac3b2a0b3ce0d2bb2
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T12 paranoid android.flac:a19674d46be954e4f0e2598a5b5086f2
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T13 a punchup at a wedding.flac:a5588e6186882bdcf4bc4f578940950d
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T14 go to sleep.flac:e422d44f9ce402719f2c7be3f926a4ce
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T15 the gloaming.flac:5dc8089f4957152261a1bc75c3753d28
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T16 idioteque.flac:d72cfec5696f33829399660532dcf9d1
radiohead2003-10-09 D1T17 fake plastic trees.flac:6374ca1a05974ad3649b571b69fdd48f
radiohead2003-10-09 D2T01 there there.flac:86e9d2523c4b1a8555765fb2feec2be4
radiohead2003-10-09 D2T02 you and whose army.flac:b17c74c518a5f9d28a6a120a7410208e
radiohead2003-10-09 D2T03 national anthem.flac:9ec4ac53aa0f740ea2645ab955f48514
radiohead2003-10-09 D2T04 a wolf at the door.flac:175bee67b4b8ba8fd54de515bae3f4e5
radiohead2003-10-09 D2T05 how to disappear completely.flac:139b177c4b9eb49c291b6dc4ea9dddea
radiohead2003-10-09 D2T06 karma police.flac:fe0e74d365c97d0db4034b46344f689f
radiohead2003-10-09 D2T07 true love waits (thom solo).flac:134caf5d0b57883051665ea76ab9f9ff
radiohead2003-10-09 D2T08 everything in its right place.flac:a0745e0111c61d92eae671c70dc1291c

edit: took out tapers info in case of privacy issues, don't know and don't want to offend!

2006-11-05, 11:25 PM
ok two things:

1) it's minidisc, which, by definition, is lossy (ATRAC compression) - BUT, in this case, since the original source IS the minidisc, it would be allowed here (at least, it has been in the past)

MD compression can be harder to spot, as it will look a bit like MP3 compression when you view. Five is good at sorting that out.

2) quote: Sound professionals SP-SPSB-7 battery box with bass rolloff@<hidden>

I assume that means a high-pass filter? That's pretty high to roll off bass response... does it sound like it is missing low-end?

Anyway, I think your torrent would be fine, but I can't be sure without looking at the audio to be sure.

A mod might want to chime in about the MD-as-source thing. It's probably OK.

2006-11-05, 11:33 PM

Well I wouldn't really be the one to be judging quality, as I am not an audiophile - just a wannabe and like to think I am :lol: , and have a bit of hearing loss. I would say the show is pretty quiet, and there is a lot of audience noise, at times I was wondering if the band was in the same building. So perhaps it was bumped up at the bottom due to that, if that is what you are asking.

If I had to judge the tape I would give it somewhere in the C range due to the quietness of the show, and the audience, it's not like some of the soundboards I have got off here, but then again it isn't trying to pass itself off as one. I guess it would be something for the complete-ists, I know if it was some of the bands I really love I would want something of this quality.

I would say the tapers assessment of the show is honest and accurate.

I will give it a try, and the mods can always pull it if it isn't up to snuff.


2006-11-05, 11:38 PM
oh yea, one last thing, do I leave the guys name and email address in the nfo? or take it out?


2006-11-05, 11:42 PM
leave it