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2006-11-04, 04:02 AM
I'm ready to seed my first show here (hopefully) but I'm confused about rule #10. Is the following legal?

Here are the contents of my file named "tool-20060818honolulu.txt"...

2006 August 18
Neil Blaisdell Center Concert Hall
Honolulu, Hawaii
Complete Show
Recorded by Mr Charlie, up front on the left

Sonic Studios DSM-6S/L => Sonic Studios PA6LC3 => iRiver Rockbox

WAV => SoundStudio => FLAC 8 w/SBE fix => checkSum

1 Stinkfist
2 The Pot
3 Forty-Six & 2
4 Jambi
5 Schism
6 Rosetta Stoned
7 Sober (with Kirk Hammett)
8 Lateralus
9 Opiate
10 break
11 Vicarious
12 Aenima

Here are the contents of my file named "tool-20060818honolulu.md5"...

a888c6d9815af3c5035bd181f2b1f5ce *tool-20060818honolulu-01.flac
ec67446bc947d9f8fde03a76c8deadfa *tool-20060818honolulu-02.flac
5f3fee9802a209a8d60337cf12fae535 *tool-20060818honolulu-03.flac
df5a14895082bb57e3759c3652553fcd *tool-20060818honolulu-04.flac
674386adfca8a2cc611aed8113ec57a9 *tool-20060818honolulu-05.flac
34c59349b2200e7b8fe76975219dbf4e *tool-20060818honolulu-06.flac
ad658345f933928a5bbd0d812e473a5b *tool-20060818honolulu-07.flac
0bf50788bb9ed6981046b725119de79e *tool-20060818honolulu-08.flac
c27384fb0fae81bf94d73269054ef12e *tool-20060818honolulu-09.flac
88116d7bd55d7d7c02afa686ccd4563b *tool-20060818honolulu-10.flac
3e1408d8eedc43901efa7011b0c1c086 *tool-20060818honolulu-11.flac
8b937d902991bfbe4b9d19ab8739c693 *tool-20060818honolulu-12.flac
27acb0ec454f213e785dbb66ab7d841a *tool-20060818honolulu.txt

made on a mac

2006-11-04, 09:11 AM
looks good...the only thing i would change would be to make a "shntool md5" [.st5] instead of a traditional .md5...it has become the prefered checksums filetype

to do this:
-open xACT and click on the "checksum" tab
-drag all of your .flac files to the window and click the "checksum" button
-it will give the options of "fingerprint", "shntool md5", or "verify" -- choose "shntool md5"
-specify where you wanna save it & name the file, click Save and let it make the .st5 file...done

any more ?s, feel free to post here...cheers maxx!

2006-11-04, 06:48 PM
Thanks a lot. Those instructions are perfect. I'll be seeding soon.

I might suggest posting these instructions on this page
since the instruction link there is dead

I thought I was addicted to another site, however your quality standards over here are much closer to my idea of quality. This could be trouble :hmm:

2006-11-04, 07:23 PM
had a few errors

1. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: get_date_time() in /home/thetradersden/public_html/forums/upload.php on line 689

2. No Torrent-File has been attached.

3. 'tool-20060818honolulu.torrent':
This torrent has already been uploaded to the server !


is this thing on?

2006-11-04, 07:36 PM
i think i got some temp files in the torrent, so creating a new torrent file now

2006-11-04, 09:12 PM
Start it all over. I don't think that it liked the "._" starting off the name of those couple of files.