View Full Version : Are these DVD brands accepted by traders?

2005-01-22, 07:49 PM
Just in general, are these DVD brands accepted by traders?

Datawrite Grey 8x DVD-R

Datawrite Red 8x DVD-R

"Grade A Media" Ritek Tango Overprints 4x DVD-R

Memorex 4x DVD-R

2005-01-22, 08:43 PM
Depends on the actual manufacturer of the discs. Some manufacturers are infamous for their crappy discs, like CMC Magnetics for example. (Chances are that Memorex blanks are rebranded CMC manufactured ones)

There are programs which can read manufacturer information from recordable dvds, like Nero CD-DVD Speed (I'm sure the others can suggest alternatives). Use one of these utilities, then look up the manufacturer code on the web (Google?) if it's not obvious who made the disc from the code already.

2005-01-22, 09:06 PM
Chances are that Memorex blanks are rebranded CMC manufactured ones
You're good, the ones I tested had the MFR code: CMC MAG. AF1

I'm trying to put together a site with info on different types of DVDr media, but I'd also like to put whether each type is generally accepted by traders

2005-01-22, 09:08 PM
i hate memorex never had good luck with them, people say they are better now but i wouldn't buy them and if i got them in a trade i would reburn them and get rid of them
ritek lots of people use, never heard of those ones though
dataright i don't know anyone that likes them

i personally don't read into the cmc stuff and all that
i stick with discs that i don't have probs with and are brand names
TDK, Fugi, Verbatim, Maxell, Apple

2005-01-22, 09:14 PM
See, I avoid maxell like the plague. Nothing wrog with maxell discs, per say, but there are a lot of fake maxell discs floating about

2005-01-23, 12:02 AM
Here's a site with disc-manufacturing info:


About who actually makes different brands of media etc.

2005-01-23, 12:32 AM
wow, nice and very useful page. thanks for the hint. :)

brooza: I don't know about the others, but here's my "policy": I'll happily accept anything that's listed as first class. Since media compatibility with the burner plays a role as well for the quality of the "burn" and since first class media is not always readily available, I don't mind getting second class media either (hey, whatever works for you and me). However, I try to use first class media whenever possible, especially when trading with others.

2005-01-24, 04:02 PM
Here is the page I've been working on. It's a list of different types of blank media (DVD only at the moment), with some technical info about the discs, and whether they are generally accepted by traders.