View Full Version : radio broadcasts tradeable?

2006-11-02, 09:28 PM
i remember this coming up once before at etree, concering the keller's cellar radio shows, and as far as i know it was decided they were tradeable since they were public domain (or something like it) since they were transmited over the air. does anyone know anything about this? a local radio station near me in NJ, the past few halloweens put together this really cool thing where they took the original war of the worlds broadcast and mixed pink floyd songs in with it. well, this year my friend taped it for me, and i was wondering if i could seed it here? or at least offer it as a b&p here? it should be allowed i would imagine, since anyone could have taped it. or i could be totally wrong, which is why i'm asking. anyone????

2006-11-03, 04:06 AM
You might run into a problem with the Pink Floyd songs, those are probably the versions from the albums and I don't think they would be allowed here. I could be wrong tho.

2006-11-03, 07:07 AM
we probly wouldn't allow it here, due to the album version of the songs being played [copyrighted], as opposed to a live version or outtake, etc

sounds very cool tho :thumbsup

2006-11-03, 11:08 AM
Are we talking about the songs being in the background with talking over them?

2006-11-03, 07:37 PM
What about obscure viynl on radio? The type of obscure where only 20-50 were made soley for the use of mix dj's. Or when guest dj's would play a 30 min mix live on the radio? Or when it is the same as mentioned but on a pirate radio station? Or when a venue,legal or not legal was held and dj's played thier style of mix?

2006-11-04, 10:45 PM
no, it's definately the studio versions in between the talking segments, which i know normally is a no-no, but i thought if it was taped from a radio broadcast it might be "legal". well, if i can't seed it, would a b&p of it be acceptable?

2006-11-05, 06:12 PM
I would Download this if you put it up here or some where just tell me where

I get why it would be a problem here its not live pink Floyd and the copyrighted music is the real problem

but ya I would love to hear this radio shows

maybe you guys could put it up for a month and then cut it