View Full Version : burning wmv files to DVD using a mac (toast)

2006-11-01, 04:03 PM
Anyone know how? Just got a webcast of vegoose and want to watch it on my tv! any helpful hints would make my day

2006-11-01, 04:27 PM
Your DVD player might play .wmv files. mine does. IF not I'd burn it as a VCD on a CD and not a DVD. You won't gain any quality by doing so. Can't help with Toast. I'm a PC guy.

2006-11-01, 04:47 PM
I'm afraid you'll have to buy Flip4Mac WMV Player Pro which will enable QuickTime to export WMV files to more DVD friendly formats and will allow Toast to accept a WMV file as happily as it does an MPG or MOV/AVI.

2006-11-01, 04:50 PM
you'll need to convert the .wmv to mpeg2 for DVD or mpeg1 for VCD. like ffooky noted.

2006-11-01, 06:11 PM
Thanks for all the help. If I had a friend with a PC would it be easier and be free of a cost on my end?

2006-11-01, 06:34 PM
Yes˛ :)