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2006-10-28, 12:28 PM
What program (I use a Mac) can I use to edit music file. I use x-ACT for conversions, and I have Audacity but haven't used it at all yet. Does that program do it? Or do I need something else. Five asked me if I could put up a clip of a song so he could see if its allowed here at TTD, but I don't know how to do that. Thanks for all the help on here.

2006-10-28, 02:09 PM
yes, you can use Audacity to edit audio files

i'm assuming yer wantin to trim down a song to a shorter clip...to do this:
--open the wav file
--click&drag to highlight the portion of the song you want to use [Five will want a clip from the middle of the song that has all the instruments playing, ~20secs should be fine]
--OpenApple+C [copy]
--OpenApple+N [new file]
--OpenApple+V [paste]
--go to File > "Export as .WAV"

fwiw, you can zoom in using OpenApple+1...zoom out is OpenApple+3

2006-10-30, 03:38 PM
Thank you for your help AAR.oner...did it.