View Full Version : upload speed issues

2006-10-28, 06:59 AM
hey there, im pretty new at the whole uploading thing, i was wandering if this sounds normal, i can sometimes get download speeds of 100k or more but cant seem to get my upload speeds past 30k? whats so irritating is that it takes like a day and a half to download a vid and then takes like 3 and a half days just to get my ratio to 1-1. is this just something im going to have to live with or is there something i can do. i only download 1 or 2 shows at a time and seed the same shows as i download, then after they finish i leave them seeding and stop downloading anything but it doesnt seem to help my upload speeds. maybe im just being impatient but there is just so much good shit on here i dont want to miss ha ha . thanks in advance for any suggestions

2006-10-28, 10:17 AM
I think your speeds are typical of a cable connection. My upload max's at about 40-45K, but I can download at 10 times that rate.

2006-10-28, 11:20 AM
You have very typical speed issues. I can download at 300, but only upload at 50. So, yeah, I leave my computer on seeding every single night. I will pick one of two shows that need a seed/more seeds and seed them every night. And, I'll only download a show at a time. That's what works for me.

2006-10-28, 11:48 AM
ok then, i wont worry about it then, thx for the feedback