View Full Version : Bill_kate - where are You???

2006-10-26, 05:21 AM
I desperately need to speak to You and have been trying to reach You since the site first went yp and I sent the note of congrats.

pleeze get back to me - I just had a bout of cancer and I think I won but it is way more than that...

I miss You and want to sat Hi and tell You how much I appreciate all You do and how much I appreciate You as a person.

Life is too short as I just learned and You were and still are very important to me. Not a day goes by without at least 1 prayer for You and Your family.

I Love You like a Brother in Arms -

Jim Goldman :wave:

Cornelious Jerome Garcia Oppenheimer
2006-11-16, 03:17 PM
PM sent awhile ago. Get in touch, please.

Cornelious Jerome Garcia Oppenheimer
2006-11-29, 11:40 AM

Still hoping to hear from you. I truly hope all is well with you.

bill.kate (at) gmail (com)