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2006-10-26, 12:34 AM
I hope you do not get tired of hearing stuid questions from me. but a few people were real helpful last time... NEW Question. Once i downland a cool concert.. i know it is in flac format...(see i have learned something) and i even know how to convert it to wav to put in a cd so i can listen to it in my trail blazer. wow wow... question is this...Do I keep the flac format of the concert on my hard drive.. hoping i do not fill it up... do i make a copy of the flac cd and keep in the corner for evah and evah... and how long do i keep it on the active torrent list. also i know i cannot trade the wav copies i have made.. so i have to keep them in my blazer or in my basement so no one will get a hold of them... or is it ok to send wav copies to a friend along with the flac copy... now i have confuzzeled myself again... can someone be so kind as to un confuzzel me. i sure wish there was some kind of instruction for Ole
Geezers... thanx again for putting up with me.... have a grate day....


2006-10-26, 02:09 AM
Its certainly better to ask the questions then to assume the answers :) I would keep copies of the flacs if at all possible. Personally I recommend burning a few FLAC sets onto a DVD if you can because its cheaper (you can fit about 5-7 cds worth of FLAC shows onto 1 dvd.) It is ok to trade these out as audio cdrs, there are still traders who don't deal with lossless formats, but I would leave people the option of the FLACs. Many people, me included, wouldn't want cdr copies if the FLACs are out there. You just don't want to rip the cds and make new flacs, ex. FLAC > CDR > FLAC, thats bad for the trading pool and is prohibited here.

2006-10-26, 09:56 AM
^^ Good advice.

As for how long to leave the the torrents on your active list, if you use Azureus or uTorrent (and some other programs), it will keep track of the seeds/leechers on several torrents for you. Basically, when you see that noone wants the show anymore, that is a good time to archive the shows to DVD and delete them from your harddrive. Some people will simply wait until they get a 1:1 ratio (or 2:1, or whatever) ratio and then figure they've done enough and delete the torrent at that point. It's really up to you and your harddrive to determine how long you can keep a show around on your harddrive. (Also, don't forget that if you do burn the flacs to DVD/CD and later see that someone is stuck, you just have to copy that folder back onto your harddrive, download the torrent file again, and point the torrent to that folder and you will go back into seed mode.)