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2006-10-17, 03:49 PM
Hey, I split a PAL video consisting of 4 titles into the first two and second two titles to fit on two DVD5's. I used isoedit to switch to NTSC, and when I burned there was a green plasma border on the top third of the screen and a small green border on the bottom.

Any idea why?? I know it's not on the video...

I also tried switching from 4:3 to 16:9 with the same results. Thanks so much for any advice!

2006-10-22, 04:58 PM
Bump.... :headbang2

My head's getting sore....anyone?

2006-10-22, 10:10 PM
Bump.... :headbang2

My head's getting sore....anyone?
Have you tried posting at videohelp.com? They have excellent mods/users and they would probably be able to help you.

(Spe, perhaps explain *why* the answer to that question matters? Otherwise, we keep lounge-like posts out of the Help forums.)

2006-10-23, 10:35 AM
It sounds like you made it Full Screen when you converted from PAL. PAL sizes are kinda like Widescreen which is why you are getting the extra areas at the top and bottom that the program is filling in. It's odd it used plasma green and not black though. :hmm: I would think Widescreen would be the better route but I've never gone PAL to NTSC.