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2006-10-14, 08:26 AM
I recorded a band in 2001 on a cheap video camera,and transferred it to a vhs tape.I have since had it transferred to dvd by someone who was also at the show( i know longer have any contact details for them)Id like to share it but not sure of the transfer process,as il need to give as much info as possible if i seed it.Also is it possible to rip audio from a dvd and make it lossless.I dont have any great knowledge,i just know i have stuff id like to share.It is good quality as its from a 1st gen vhs.

2006-10-14, 10:25 AM
First, the band must be ok with video torrenting.
As long as you're positive there was no no 'lossy' lineage in it (vcd, divx, etc), then its ok....your lineage would read something like:
AUD (Type of cam - handheld or tripod) > SA > ? Author (if its chaptered/menu'd) > DVD

Read the Faq before seeding:

Since you did not do the transfer and/or know anything about it, i doubt you will be able to rip the audio and seed it here. The only time we allow that, is if the tape were transferred with the audio in LPCM (lossless/uncompressed) format.