View Full Version : 'REBORN' - New here, grateful to all!

2006-10-07, 06:37 PM
Hello all, I'm new here. Some time ago a fire destroyed nearly everything in my collection. 30 years of tapes, vinyl and video gone, gone, gone. It was a real blessing when a friend turned me on to this site about a month ago. I've found a few things I had in the past of even higher quality than I owned. I'm grateful to all for posting such amazing shows. In time I'll post some of the stuff I have recently aquired and some I've rescued from my old collection. Thanks again all.

2006-10-07, 07:29 PM
I'm glad this site (and there are many others, too) is available for you to get your collection going again. Welcome to the site and sorry to hear about the fire.

2006-10-08, 04:59 AM
welcome :wave: