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Backyard Tyrone
2006-10-02, 09:15 PM
hi - well this is my second problem trying to seed a show. I use Azereus and i am getting an error in the "Tracker Status" that is switching between "OK (dht:)" and "(invalid reply: d1: failure reason 22: invalid passkey (0-)e)". any ideas on this? i've seeded before successfully and i have a good idea on how its done, but dont have a clue on what to do with this error message. any help would be appreciated.
Backyard T

2006-10-02, 09:34 PM
Stop the torrent. Delete the show from Azureus (the Red X). Then, download the torrent from the tracker. Double-click that torrent, point it to the folder, and hopefully it will verify and seed.

(I get that error even when I have the correct torrent if I try to start the torrent within it being uploaded to the tracker within a couple of minutes. I wish I knew why.)

Backyard Tyrone
2006-10-02, 09:59 PM
thanks, i tried that and it seemed to work. tracker says "ok" but the show is not seeding, no up speed.

2006-10-02, 10:06 PM
Well, there are two things going on here that would affect your seeding. First, you are firewalled. However, that isn't a really big deal for an original seeder. There are other people trying to leech that are not firewalled and thus you can connect to them. But, what may be the problem is that you are also seeding a few other shows. Those shows are probably 'stealing' your bandwidth and thus you have no upload speed to give to the show you are trying to seed. When I seed, I stop all other uploads and downloads and give all my bandwidth to the show I am seeding. Then, when the show I'm uploading gets well seeded, I go back to downloading/uploading other shows.