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2006-10-02, 05:45 PM
Can someone tell me how to reseed a show I've already downloaded to help out some leachers? I've converted the files from FLAC/SHN to WAV and deleted the origina FLAC/SHN files to conserve space (after leaving the torrent open for a day or two). I want to make sure I'm doing my part to maintain a favorable ratio - I'm at 1.22 but wish I could do more. Do I need to leave the original FLAC/SHN files on my harddrive to be able to do this? I'm using BitTorrent if that matters. Any help anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!

2006-10-02, 06:15 PM
In order to reseed you have to do so with the shn/flac files. You can convert your wavs back to shn/flac and then reseed the show (if you also have the original text files and fingerprints).

2006-10-02, 07:24 PM
Perfect - I'll do that - thanks!

2006-10-03, 07:59 PM
Sorry Lynn - still a little lost here...

I have a show I've already downloaded, and would like to reseed (still have the FLAC files, original text files and fingerprints in tact). However, when I reopen the link, it attempts to download the show again, even though I'm pointing the torrent to the same folder that contains all of the files. So, I'm still not sure how to get BitTorrent to recognize that I already have the show downloaded and just want to reopen the seed for others to use.

Sorry for the hassle - :hmm:


2006-10-03, 09:39 PM
Are you sure it's trying to redownload it again? Usually what it does first is go through and verify first.

(I see you have BitTorrent. I think when it asks where to put the files, it then says something like 'Are you sure you want to replace these files?' or something like that. Then, when you say Yes, it goes and verifies the files and then goes into seed mode. If you are a bit uncertain about this the first time trying to reseed, make a copy of that folder and put it somewhere safe. Then go ahead and say Yes and you will see what i mean about how it verifies and then goes into Seed mode.)

2006-10-03, 10:01 PM
Ok - I'll give that a whirl and see how it goes - thanks again for the help Lynne!

2006-10-03, 11:37 PM
if you dont have the original text or MD5 - its gonna hang at 99%ish
ask others who have given thanks (in the original thread) to help with those small files (email..whatever)

2006-10-04, 07:32 AM
Yep - everything's there (all original files) - I think it's just a matter of having BitTorrent recognize that the files are already complete and that uploading is all that I'm asking it to do. I'll do some work on it tonight - thanks to everyone for your input!!