View Full Version : Audio editing question... Noise of some kind

2006-10-01, 11:35 PM
Ok guys here is what I do... I like to archive late night tv performances and stuff to watch when im bored... Also like to add the performances to my ipod... Its a fairly painless process... Just normalize the audio after extraction and thats that pretty much... My question is this... I got a new dvd recorder... And with this in quiet parts it almost sounds like there is a slight hiss/static... Not quite like tape hiss... But hopefully someone knows what I am talking about... Can anyone tell me of a way to get rid of or diminish this in Adobe Audition... Just to clarify it isnt noticeable to most people... I scrutinize everything fairly well and its just there cause I am so picky about it... Most people wouldnt even notice it probably even if I mentioned it... Any help would be much appreciated... :-)