View Full Version : Download not showing up.

2006-09-23, 12:40 PM
I am currently downloading The Duo at Langerado. For some reason my download is not showing up on the site or on the Duo at Langerado page. My ratio has not moved since I started, but I'm at 18%. Anybody have any clue what this is about?

Edit: Nevermind, as soon as I posted this it began showing up. Will update this if it changes back.

2006-09-23, 12:49 PM
you're showing up now

the tracker stats on the site only updates every 30mins or so

2006-09-23, 12:50 PM
also, I believe your stats below your name will get calculated when you stop the torrent (or temporarily stop and then restart it). it takes a few minutes for that to appear as well.

2006-09-23, 03:30 PM
Five is right. Most bt applications only talk to the tracker every 30 minutes or so. That is called the 'announce'. The tracker doesn't like it if you announce too often. Everytime you do announce, you tell the tracker your progress and your stats get updated below your name and in the Peers List.