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2006-09-16, 03:07 PM
I just want to say that she is cool beans with me. I see plenty of bad traders showing up in this thread that I want to make sure the good ones get some say too..... :) :)

She dropped me an e-mail today to let me know I accidentally sent back one of her blanks instead of the other archive B&P I made her....she was TOTALLY nice about it and is already happy with the first disc of her request including bonuses to boost her collection a bit that I sent her. People have been nice to me and I wanted to share the wealth in return.

I really like this site and I am glad to be able to do my first B&P here. I got another one coming up that someone is doing for me......Thanks Elizabeth for being GREAT!!!!


2007-02-06, 02:07 PM
+1 for Elizabeth

2007-02-06, 11:05 PM
Thank you very much to the both of you.

Sorry, Jetrell69, but I didn't see this post earlier. I appreciate the kind words and thank you once again for the extremely generous B&P you sent me last year. Those shows have been absolutely amazing. You're tops!

And hi there, James! Didn't know you were on here too!

Thanks again!

2008-04-11, 07:00 AM
Just completed a 3 disc trade (well 4 if you count the bonus ;)) with klingklang and she is one of the best ... very quick and great communications. Recommended. :thumbsup

2008-04-12, 12:56 AM
Thank you as well, Wiped. The same to you! It was a true pleasure dealing with someone with such a fast turnaround and friendly communication. You're fantastic!

Thank you for the amazing trade!

2009-04-01, 07:47 AM
Very good trader. Nothing bad to say. Fast, friendly, etc. Trade with her if you can.

2009-11-22, 01:36 PM
great first trade with klingklang! fast, courteous, and excellent media!
Elizabeth, yours is going out tomorrow~:D

2010-01-04, 09:29 PM

Two thumbs up from me as well. We only traded for one disc but it was a show I looked all over for.

Thanks Elizabeth, and don't let the post office get you down. I suspect the delay had to do with the seasonal rush. :lol4:

2010-02-20, 02:42 AM
I've just completed a trade with e and all went smooth. Product was exactly what I had asked for (actually above and beyond).

Thank you very much and we'll have to go around again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2010-06-25, 09:41 PM
Did another fantastic trade with klingklang. This one was above and beyond most that I have done. Excellent trader, can't wait till the next. Cheers! :wave:

2010-11-14, 01:50 PM
We did a great trade !! :thumbsup Very friendly and fast ! looking forward for the next one .. ;)

Thank you soo much Elizabeth !!

2010-12-24, 11:40 PM
Esa you are a great trader. Whenever I need help you are there, thanks so much for your kindness, much appreciated.