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2006-09-13, 02:43 PM
Hello all!
I'm going to attend a big show and i have some questions about the technique i should use when recording with a handy dvd cam. Since i haven't done it before (never had the guts) please bare with me and my newbee question. First of all there's one thing that bothers me most. If i record with my cam what's the best way to do that and remain unnoticed...i mean that once i turn it on and start recording everyone will notice the preview screen blinking and i will be seen and eventually most likely get screwed. Actually i'm concerned about security but you never know there might be "no bootleging" activists in the crowd as well. So what's the single best way to record in stealth mode? The other thing is about the sound. I'm intending to use the built-in mic in my sony cam. Would that be able to record something at all, hopefully i'll get a seat near the stage and the music isn't going to be that loud as its going to be just one performer (no bass, no drums)? Any suggestions about that whole process are most welcome!

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