View Full Version : From Linksys to D-Link??????

2006-09-11, 07:16 PM
I switched routers from Linksys to D-Link because my internet connection was always dropped....

My question:
I installed the D-Link (I now have a non-static IP address) an did not port forward and it appears I am not firewalled. Do I need to configure a static IP for all the connections still?? And disable the dchp thing?


2006-09-12, 07:37 AM
Does the IP really change mid-transfer, or just when the router is power cycled (reset)? If its the latter then you should have no problems.

2006-09-12, 09:55 AM
Hmmm, if everything is working OK, then there isn't really a problem at the moment. I would think your computer is set up to have a static (local) IP still and perhaps that is the default for your D-Link. I have a D-Link and it allows me to set a range for the DHCP IPs and then all other numbers not in that range are static. I can't remember if it came with default numbers or not in there.

2006-09-12, 11:01 AM
Strange...it appears my up and dl speeds may be slower. I remember checking the routers etting and they are (not static) because i didn't configure them for that (nor my computers). What should I do??

2006-09-12, 11:13 AM

Is there a way for you to check and see if I am firewalled on your end?

2006-09-12, 11:18 AM
Well, don't forget that ul and dl speeds are also determined by how many people you are connected to. So, if you are only connected to one person on a torrent and they can't download very fast (perhaps because they have a slow connection or else they are connected to other torrents and thus their speed is distributed among many torrents), then you can't upload very fast.

You *aren't* firewalled, so that is good. If you really think your speeds have changed, you can shut down your torrents and do a speed test again and compare it to the results you got before. Don't forget that sometimes your speed will vary during the day. For some reason, our internet connection likes to slow down around 9:30 or 10:00 in the morning.

2006-09-12, 02:17 PM
Thanks Lynne.