View Full Version : Firewalled after following ALL instructions...help

2006-09-11, 12:35 PM
I downloaded Bit Tornado and joined this forum a few days ago. I read all of the info on being firewalled. I went to PortForward.com and setup a static IP address and setup port forwarding on my Linksys WRT54G following the directions to the letter. I went in on Windows XP - and Trend Micro PC-cillin Internet Security - and setup exceptions for the ports used by Tornado (10000 to 10010) and Torrent (6881 to 6889). No matter what I do, I constantly get "FAIL" no matter what port I check using NATcheck and cannot get rid of this BS "firewalled" condition...no matter what I try. This is beyond frustrating. The statement I read somewhere about this being a "black magic" deal was the truth for sure. Any suggestions? Thanks.

2006-09-11, 12:55 PM
Sometimes you need to restart for the changes to take effect. The catch is to make sure the ports you open match on your BT client, firewall, and router, which it seems like they do in your case. If you're not using Torrent you don't need to open 6881-6889.