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2006-09-08, 01:48 AM
I would like it if somebody could tell me how I can split an mpeg2 file into 2 parts, then merge/join them back together to reform the original mpeg2 (if possible). To give an example, here's what I'm planning on doing:

A trader friend sent me a bunch of VHS's for transfer to DVD. But to keep it simple, I'll just use 1 VHS as an example here.

The VHS is 2 hours long. I am capturing it onto my computer as an .AVI file. I use Vegas 6 to render the .AVI to mpeg2 (8000 kbps for quality sake). LPCM audio will be used, so no audio is present within the mpeg2 file. The resulting mpeg2 file is to big to burn to a Single-Layer DVD. I am hoping to find a way to split this mpeg2 file into 2 parts. Burn the 1st part to 1 DVD. Burn the 2nd part to another DVD. These 2 DVD's will be sent back to the VHS provider so he can author it to Dual Layer DVD with menu's, etc. So how can this get accomplished? It is important that when the mpeg2's are merged back together, it is seemless. No glitches, skips, weird crazy shit, etc. Is this possible?

I figured I can always render the mpeg2 to VOB files, then spilt those over 2 discs, and have VOBMerge put them back together for authoring. But I'm interested more in the above process. BTW, I've done a little investigating on videohelp.com, and some other sites, but haven't really found an exact answer to this question.

Any help/suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thanks very much. :thumbsup

2006-09-08, 02:28 AM
in this issue i just would "rar" or "zip" the whole mpeg2 file in smaller parts and burn/send them back on 2 data dvdr to the provider. unraring/-zipping them he will have the pure >4gb file then later on his pc and can do his dual layer work however he wants to

2006-09-08, 02:25 PM
Thanks for the response. How would I go about zipping or raring it into smaller parts? And how is it put back together? Will that be seemless? No pauses or anything like that? I've certainly unzipped many things in my day, but never needed to zip anything, so don't know about that.

If I were to just go mpeg2 > VOB's over 2 data DVD's. Then the person who authors to Dual Layer merges the VOB's...puts the large VOB file into their authoring program.....there won't be any quality loss, will there? I wouldn't think so. It would be VOB > VOB. A Re-Author basically.