View Full Version : Break up dual layer for mac?

2006-09-05, 06:46 PM
Hey All,

so found dvd shrink but that is for windows. i have a mac. DL'd Mac the ripper but not sure if that's what i need. Just looking for the quickest easiest way to split this show up onto 2 discs. (it's the neil young + Crazy horse at bonaroo show) Thanks in advance!


2006-09-05, 07:21 PM
You need DVD2oneX (http://www.dvd2one.com/). Select the join option, leave Settings->Compression Mode at Automatic and then go to Cells at the bottom of Title (when expanded). In the middle at the bottom of the list of cells, select Layer and then check 1. Rip this and then repeat for layer 2. No compression will be applied.