View Full Version : i'm now having trouble with my upload/download speeds

Rogue Cheddar
2006-08-30, 07:22 PM
how can i find out what my maximum bandwidth for this is?

yesterday i was seeing as much as 40 KB/S downloading.

today i am seeding one thing at about 15 KB/S and leeching something else at less than 1 KB/S.

does the fact that these two numbers don't add up to 40 simply reflect that my ISP is slow today? or am I completely wrong about how this all works

the forum here is very helpful I'm sorry I'm having so much trouble but I'm trying very hard to stand on my own two feet here, It's just all so new to me


2006-08-30, 10:16 PM
Do a google search for a bandwidth tester. Very often you ISP has their own. It will tell you what your max download and upload is. That is not a max *together*, but a max if you aren't using the other. So, if you are uploading and downloading at the same time, you fall somewhere inbetween.

I noticed before that you were on old torrents with only 1 seed and 2 leechers, you won't get max speed on a show like that. You need to get onto a new show to maximize your speed. And, you need to set your max upload speed to about 90% (when you aren't on the internet) if you want to maximize your download.

You need to play with this stuff to really find out how your client, your ISP, and your needs are work together in the best way.