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Rogue Cheddar
2006-08-29, 04:49 PM
hi i'm extremely new to this and still trying to figure it out. i know that my ratio is really bad but i've been trying to figure that out for about a day now (i think i might've fixed it) but i was just wondering, if there is a show in the inactive torrents forum that i would like reseeded, which forum do i post the "reseed request" in? thanks

2006-08-29, 05:01 PM
If the show is in Inactive Audio BT, you would ask for a reseed in the ISO Audio BT forum. If it's in Inactive Video BT, you would ask in the ISO Video BT forum.

It looks like you aren't firewalled, so that is good. To help get your ratio up you could continue to seed the show you previously downloaded. I also noticed the one you are on right now is old with 1 seeder and 2 leechers. That's not going to allow you to share much either. You might want to pick a more recently seeded show with lots of leechers so you can upload a lot more.

Rogue Cheddar
2006-08-29, 05:15 PM
i was firewalled yesterday. it took me hours to figure out how to open my ports haha

well neither of the ones im on now are actually downloading and i can't figure out why.. also, how did you find that out anyway?

Rogue Cheddar
2006-08-29, 05:21 PM
and also i'm having problems right now because i ran out of space on my hard drive.. about a month ago. i've been storing stuff on cd's and my ipod but i just bought a hard drive that should arrive in a few days, which will make my life so much easier.

but for now i can really only fit one of these at a time on my computer