View Full Version : No audio when I FF to missing video section w/audio sync

2006-08-26, 04:24 PM
Let me explain this:

Many DVDs I get in here have been nicely synched with audio which also patches any spots of missing video. What always happens on my player is this:

If I play through, the audio plays fine, but if I FF or REW into an area where there is no video but the audio has been patched, the audio will not play in the black, non-video section; however, as soon as the video resumes, so does the audio?!?

Again, if I let it play from a section with video through the section where the video is missing, the patched audio plays just fine. It is only when I FF or REW past that boundary of video/no-video that the audio will not play, and then it resumes as soon as it reaches the boundary where the video resumes!?!

This is particularly a problem when a video starts out with no picture, but the audio is there. In those cases, I have no way of playing the video from the beginning, and if several minutes of video are missing, even though the audio is present, it will not play until the video kicks in.

Anyone else experience this? Any ideas why this is happening?

It happens on every video that is audio patched where there is no video. On those productions where the author filled in the missing video with slides or graphics, naturally the problem does not happen.

TIA for any feedback,