View Full Version : Video Capture Card recommendations, please

2006-08-25, 03:25 PM
hey all

I want to get a video capture card. essential is nice quality analog in that I can plug my vcr into. tv out is nice, and tuner is not necessary.

I've been poking around videohelp and comparing with a long list of prices I got at the store up the street but I'm not making much progress here.

please help!

2006-08-25, 05:16 PM
I'm looking into the Audigy Video editor. External, lots of options and 24bit, 48000k capabilities. What do you think?
Right now I'm using the Dazzle DVC 150.

2006-08-27, 12:32 PM
transferred a few shows on a Sony DVMC-DA2, wasnt too impressed with the sony boxes [the Kyuss show was transferred using that one actually]

also used the low-end Canopus device [i think its the 110 maybe ??]--it was aight, very barebones...but better than the sony imo...

alot of the pros use Miranda, Focus, etc. systems -- which are great, if you want to sell a car to pay for it :lol:

i've been thinking about picking the new Edirol device up...i'll let ya know if i do...but here's the specs on it

2006-08-27, 02:15 PM
I have a Canopus ADVC-300 and it's great. :thumbsup It has a line time base corrector & 3D noise reduction. I've noticed a definite increase in video quality from SVHS/VHS, Hi8 transfers. Haven't had any problems w/ it, even on some beat-up tapes. I recommend that one.

2006-08-29, 10:58 AM
thanks very much for the tips, got a couple "votes" for Canopus and the ADVC-300 looks like the best choice for me (that I've seen so far). Gotta save some extra money now!!

2006-08-29, 03:43 PM
lots of info. here.