View Full Version : Can a Sony DVP-NC685P play a Verbatim DVD+R DL?

2006-08-24, 12:40 PM
I have a 1 month old Lite-On DL dvd burner with the latest (July 2006) firmware updates. I have burned a Verbatim DL dvd which plays OK on the Lite-On on my pc but when I put this in my approximately 3 year old Sony DVP-Nc685P stand-alond DVD player I hear the audio on the menu but I have no video at all. Rental DVD's are DL right? This plays rental just fine.

Are there settings I need to change when burning?
Is this just because the Sony cannot play a DVD+RDL?
Is there any way to update the Sony?
Is my only option to get a new dvd player (which ones would play this?)

2006-08-25, 06:55 AM
I've heard of some players having trouble playing burned Dual Layer discs. Do you have a friend nearby or neighbor with a different player that you could check the disc on?

2006-08-28, 10:21 AM
my 9 month old Sony DVP-NC80V dvd/sacd is a POS - It will be retired to just playing SACD disks & audio dvd's.
- I'm going to be taking many different disk types into a store to ensure it's replacement can play.. PAL/DL/different dvd media brands/menus..

Currently my Sony seems to love generic DVD's from Staples - but will not play Sony media disks - this makes no sense. It WILL play Dual Layer disks. Another interesting "feature" is that it will load the DVD - then hangs at the menu when you select anything (play all - extras..etc..) from the DVD menu.
i would swear its defective out of the box..

- my other Sony DVD carousel player(its near 7 years old) plays everything so I know my discs are good.
I would say we are both screwed.

2006-08-28, 11:10 AM
Looking at videohelp.com, I found this review of the DVP-NC685V (so not exactly the same). It does not say it will play DL DVDs.