View Full Version : Please help me get unfirewalled

2006-08-18, 03:26 PM
I followed all the steps found at port forward for forwarding my ports and forwarding my routers ports.

I use Sygate Personal Firewall
Windows XP
Linksys WRT54G router
BitTorrent is my client


There is an image of my firewall settings, which allow bit torrent to acess the internet, and you can also see my firewall settings that have the ports open. What more do I have to do? All the FAQs i found said i should be done after that step. My download speeds are still low and it still says I'm firewalled.

2006-08-18, 03:32 PM
First thing is that the ports you forward (screen shot) have to match the ports you're telling your BT client to use. May sound silly but some people overlook this.

As far as the ports go, try a different range as some ISP's block the typical BT ports. Search through technobabble and you'll see what ports other people are using. I'll look at my own when I get home and recommend mine.

Also, is your Windows XP firewall turned off?

2006-08-18, 03:39 PM
When I go to BitTorrent/Settings/Network my "start at point:" box says 6881, so it is matching the ports between BitTorrent and my Firewall/router.

When i go to Controll Panel, classic view, there is no icon for a Windows XP firewall. Does this mean i dont have it?

When I go to my Local Area Connections and advanced, there is an Internet Connection Firewall area with a checkbox (there is no checkmark in the box) and next to it it says "Protect my computer and network by limiting or preventing access to this computer through the internet"

2006-08-18, 03:50 PM
I just unplugged my router and I'm still firewalled.

2006-08-18, 04:32 PM
I fucked something up cuz now when I have my router plugged in nothing works. My modem says im connected to the internet, but my browser wont work neither will any programs connect to the internet. And when i try to access my router's settings it says it can't connect. I hate computers.

When i used windows Command and ipconfigure/all, the ip address that gave me didnt match the ip address my router said i had, and the ip address the router said i had didn't match the ip address that my router was allowing ports to be forwarded with. So i figured i'd try to make them all match to see if it works, but that just killed everything.