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2006-08-13, 01:44 PM
First time I'm downloading a DVD with my iMAC. Question,, when I drag the torrent file into Azureus, a dialog window pops open and asks "please select the best matching encoding" Within this windaow are 7 options:


I will be burning this disk with toast.

So what option should I choose?

2006-08-13, 01:57 PM
I have two DVDs using MacRoman encoding and one using UTF-8 (that is one I torrented myself). So, I would go with MacRoman. I think mine was probably done in UTF-8 format because it is laid out correctly (VIDEO_TS with all the files, EXTRAS_TS with txt and md5s, etc.) whereas the others have a VIDEO_TS folder with the correct files but then the txt and md5 are present but not in an EXTRAS_TS folder - but this is just a guess on my part.

2006-08-13, 02:03 PM
Thanks sweetheart - I'll try MacRoman and see what happens.

2006-08-13, 02:40 PM
If you get this every time you open a .torrent file you should go into Azureus' options (Preferences) and go Files->Torrents.

Select "None" for "Default torrent encoding when selection required" and uncheck the other three encoding option boxes below.

You'll now only be presented with the encoding option when there are wierd symbols like umlauts, ae and that stupid apostrophe that Windows seems to use sometimes. The options will be presented along how they'll appear and 99 times out 100 it will be obvious which to go for.

2006-08-15, 04:57 AM
Or you could go for the ISO one which is multi-platform compatible. Note that you avoid the standard compression that comes with toast - it is a bit ropey.

2006-08-19, 09:57 AM
well thats an odd one as i have never had that on my mac , it just does what it does ?

should i have changed something ?