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2006-08-12, 05:31 PM
I have come across several dylan vcd shows including 4/20/80. When I try and transfer the files to my hd I get ms-dos errors.

There are 5 folders in total the mpeg files copys over into a dat file. It plays on my media player, but I want to torrent these and convert the files and stuff but Im completely lost with this shit

Can anyone help me please Id gladly post them all here



2006-08-12, 07:13 PM
but I want to torrent these and convert the files

Id gladly post them all here

f$$k a compressed vcd!! wait for someone else to share a straight VHS > DVD transfer or try and get ahold of a VHS copy yourself......besides, you couldnt torrent them here anyway.
9. Only DVDs produced as DVDs may be seeded here.
No DVDs will be allowed to be seeded here with conversions from lesser quality video (ie. VCD/SVCD/DivX/xvid/etc converted to DVD). Converting a lesser quality video to DVD does not make the quality of the video any better, and is therefore pointless. It is equivilent to creating a flac fileset from mp3s simply because the flac format came around and is better than all others. None of the above mentioned video codecs are up to par with The Trader's Den Video BT Seeding Guidelines, and therefore, will not be allowed on the tracker.