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2006-08-12, 12:31 AM
Hey all,

I got a question for you but I am not gonna ask it til after I say a bit.....I recently got myself set up to start trading. I have had 4 so far, 2 were initiated by the other person, the 3rd & 4th were initiated by me. What I did was buy paper sleeves, 50x2bundles of Fuji (Japan made)CD's, and bubble-lined mailing envelopes. I also got a set of index cards to cut in half and use as labeling inside the paper sleeves and extra printer paper to use for sending track lists.

Now, my 3rd trade just arrived today. I was very excited and when I got in the house and looked at the envelope it's wear showed it had already been used to ship other items. When I opened it up the discs were there but it was a bit messy. The CD's he sent were in used paper sleeves with ripped slips of paper to label them. There was also no track listings at all and the bonus disc he sent actually started skipping half way through and it wasn't the same caliber as the other discs which made me guess this disc was a bonus because someone had sent it to him and so he sent it to me knowing this band was in my list. I am not going to rate him yet because he was sloppy, not bad, and I want him to have the chance of fixing the bonus disc issue if he can. I was disappointed.

This is my first trade with this person who I don't think is a member here. From the experienced traders in the house, how would you rate this traders practices and did I prepare properly for my break into trading?

Advise, observations, and opinions would be most appreciated

2006-08-12, 02:40 AM
Most of that looks good to me. Lots of people reuse bubble mailers & sleeves. As long as the bubbles were good and it wasnt falling apart it still protects the discs all the same, ditto for the sleeves imo. The only issue I could see is the ripped paper, if put in the sleeves then fibers could get on the disc, those should probably be cut (altho I havent had that problem to date.) And imo he doesnt need to replace the bonus disc because it wasnt part of the trade, it was extra. Ive included bonus discs before when I burned an extra copy or accidently asked for something in a trade that I already had. Sending tracklists along doesnt seem to be a standard, Ive only received a few trades like that, most people who make them available do so electronically.

And judging by how you prepared, Id say you'd be an excellent trader to deal with.

2006-08-12, 10:26 AM
I guess I mispoke about the bonus disc, replacement is at his discretion since it was a bonus, I just thought that when trading with someone for the first time it was a little sloppy.

It seems there are some things I will have to learn and adjust to when it comes to this. My first 2 trades ever were very clean, tidy, and organized.....maybe I got spoiled. It's probably gonna be a case by case basis when dealing with other traders..... :)

2006-08-12, 11:43 AM
Do you keep your trading list online? You could write out a page the explains what your trading practices are and what you expect other people's trading practices to be when trading with you. Sometimes that helps out.

I rarely send tracklisting when I trade unless it's a show I don't have on my online list. I also reuse bubblepack envelopes and sleeves. I write the band, date, venue, and disc number on a post it and sick that to the top of the CD. I haven't had any complaints. Of course, I also haven't had a trade in several years now. :cool:

2006-08-12, 12:33 PM
sounds on par with alot of Audio CDR traders unfortunately

thats why i strictly trade lossless shows burned to data discs...that way you can include any info text, checksum, art, etc

if you want to know more info re: a show received with none, you can try googling it, also try looking it up on db.etree.org ...you can usually find some sort of info by comparing with other peoples lists, info, etc

oh and yeah, you sound like you "prepared" just fine :thumbsup
the ol adage usually applies: Trade unto others as you would have them trade unto you, and don't get too disappointed when they're slack about shit!

2006-08-12, 12:46 PM
jetrell...most of that looks standard. If the 1st person sending a brand new bubble mailer up correctly, it can make it to at least 4 or so peeps/trades before having to be put down. Economically, its a good thing for heavy traders and enviornmentally...well, u know.

As the paper sleeves weren't damaged or in horrible shape from the previous usage, dont sweat it...i've gotten discs in much worse packaging...once i got a stack of discs held together by a rubber band, w/ no paper between them or around them & shipped in a USPS box.
He probably sent the 'bonus disc', becuase he knew it was a little sloppy and figured u wouldnt care as much w/ the 'freebie'.

Lynne's right, when u set up a trade...after the disc selections are finalized, I send an email w/ this info:
You're sending me
Beatles 1/30/69 1 dvd
Blues Brothers 12/31/78 1 dvd
"His street address"
I'm sending u
Jimi Hendrix 1/9/69 1 dvd
Hendrix 2/24/69 1 dvd
"your address"
and the note "Standard Trading rules apply, cool?...I use Fuji Made discs, put individually into a single paper sleeve, w/ NO writing on the discs themselves (just use a slip of paper inside to label them, DO NOT put a sticky note/post it on them), mailed in bubble envelopes ONLY, and email sent the day discs are mailed out as well as received."
Save a copy in your sent email box at least until the trade is completed...it helps a lot w/ organization, checking on things that are coming, & if you're at all like me w/ short term memory....to remember a trade if they get behind or something.

Outside of the network of peeps u meet over time, i initally wouldnt trade w/ anyone who didnt have an online list w/ a way for people to make comments about that person (etree)....at least you have a better idea the person you're getting involved w/...Thanx to Lynne setting up this forum, it helps a lot at least getting an idea of peeps from this site, especially since a lot of the cats in Europe, Japan, & South America dont have online lists.

Good luck :thumbsup

Of course, I also haven't had a trade in several years now. :cool:

why trade when u get freebies :D

2006-08-12, 02:04 PM
Nice to get this response to my thread, it helps when understanding this stuff. I do have an on-line list as well and I will add in some of that stuff for future referrence. Thanks for the heads up on that.

I guess I figured that I should have a good presentation for trading as I initiated this one and I want to make sure I make a good name for myself. There are plenty of trading slouches around to do the bad jobs amicably for the rest of us....lol.

Here is the link to my list, if anyone of you would be kind enough to give me some feedback here on it...it would be appreciated.