View Full Version : Help. Where's my torrent?

2006-08-09, 10:49 AM
I attempted to upload a Spin Doctors audio torrent, and I received a message stating it was already uploaded to the tracker. Since this is my first upload, I realized I may have created the torrent twice. When I treied to seed it using Azareus, it wouldn't seed. It seems the torrent is in no man's land, and I don't know how to retrieve or report it.

Thanks for the help.


2006-08-09, 07:36 PM
I don't see your thread in the Audio BT downloads page. Try making a new thread and making a new torrent file as well. Name it slightly differently than the other one, and make sure you download the torrent file from the thread and start seeding that one.

2006-08-09, 08:05 PM
abess35, you never hit the button to submit the thread (it is under "YOU MUST HIT THIS SUBMIT BUTTON TO UPLOAD THE THREAD AND TORRENT TO THE TRACKER!" (sorry, not trying to yell, I just copy/pasted it)). You did hit the button to upload the attachment/torrent in the little window, but you also have to hit the button to make the thread to announce your torrent.

2006-08-09, 09:17 PM
Thank you for the help. I was a problem for the mods at Dime before I got it down.