View Full Version : Help! About to Seed Video

2006-08-03, 01:53 AM
am using official bittorent client. When I open up the torrent file and have it go to my video folders it's just stuck at 0%.

2006-08-03, 06:25 AM
you need to run the .torrent file thats in the first post of the thread, NOT the orig .torrent file you created and u/led with the show

2006-08-03, 10:14 AM
You are correct in that, Aaron, however, if you run the original file, it should be able to run up to 100% and then get a tracker error saying he has the wrong passkey. It sounds to me like he is not pointing the torrent file to the correct folder. pauglife, when you start a torrent, does bt ask you were to save the files or do you have it set up to always download to a specific folder? If it asked you were to save, then you need to select the same folder you selected when you made the torrent file. If it is default going to a folder, then you either need to turn that off in preferences or you need to move your GRAB folder into that default download folder.

If you need more help, please don't hesitate to ask.

2006-08-03, 02:03 PM
thank's for the help. Yah I had a couple issues. I wasn't sending the torrent to the right folder and: when I made my torrent file i had a previous bad torrent file in with my video folder. After I created the good torrent file I guess I deleted the other one and that's why at around 4 this mornin I had it at 99.9% at least. Think I got it now though. Guess we'll see in about 15 minutes.