View Full Version : Any forums for Pioneer SX series audio equipment?

2006-07-31, 08:02 PM
I have Pioneer SX-850 that i bought back in '78 and it has played flawlessly untill now. It has cut out on me a couple times but reset with a power cycle.
I am good with electronics and have a technicians degree BUT i would like to find a forum about these or the repair of vintage stereo equipiment. I want to make this Reciever rock untill the Apocalypse :tunes:

Any help or direction would be great.

The Traders Den ROCKS :clap:

Peace WildBill

2006-08-01, 12:19 AM

I'm sure there is some good info on this site to help you out.

Nice piece of gear - some day when I live in suburbia again I dream of having one of those big SX receivers and some huge ass speakers in the garage.

King Kong
2006-08-11, 12:38 AM
I still miss my SX-969 that my son traded for a nintendo (and a handful of games) when he was 8 years old.