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2006-07-30, 12:25 PM
Very technogeek question here.
I have a mac. I have obtained files over the last year that are large (one whole cd) .ape files. Some of these files were accompanied by a .cue file, some were not. The nots came with (pc) .inf 'autoruns' and 'autoshell' .exe's. If I had .bin files instead of .ape, I could import them into Toast titanium and mount/burn them.
xACT will convert the .ape's into single (again an entire cd) wav or aiff's.
I've heard rumors that if I convert the ape's into aiff's then pull them into xAct using the .shntool to splice them into seperate tracks guided by the .cue files, but there's 2 problems: I have no idea what that sentence means, and one of the bundles of files has no cue file anyway.
At this point I'd be willing to burn them if I could find a program that would mount the image.
I also have Max, Itunes, MacFlac, VLC, M Player, Flip 4 mac, Qtime, Windows media, Switch, Easy WMA, god knows what else.....
Any help?

2006-07-31, 12:13 AM
There's a free progeam called Audacity (check at versiontracker.com) that will let you split up wavs/aiffs wherever you want.

I'm a Mac user too and I HATE .cue files. Nothing but trouble IMO. I never use them.

I think what you're saying about xAct is true, that you can do what you say, but I don't use the shntool tab either so I'm not sure how to do it.

2006-07-31, 04:10 AM
Righto, the ones with CUE files are nice 'n' easy.


1) http://tmkk.hp.infoseek.co.jp/xld/index_e.html*

Open the CUE file with this little feller and the rest will be obvious.

You don't get any options as to how the split files are renamed but they will have a more useful starting point than method 2

2) Open the CUE file and delete all lines before the one beginning

FILE "Bigbastidapefile.wav" WAVE etc

Save the changes and then open up xACT. Select the shntool tab and then the split button. Choose your output format and then navigate to the big APE file. When propmpted point xACT at your edited CUE and let rip.

I'd love to have a peep at your cueless files but I'm guessing they're extended CD format, i.e. some music and some video/data content or something like that. I'm no Windows expert (or even competent) but I don't think those EXE files would contain split points.

Edit: * If you're on OS X 10.3 (Panther) you need to right (control)-click on the application itself and select Show Package Contents. Open the Contents folder and then move XLDAlacDecoder.bundle and XLDAacOutput.bundle from the PlugIns folder to PlugIns Disabled.