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2006-07-27, 08:01 PM
So the newest version of Opera has BT integrated into it. The problem is you have no stats/ratio/seeds or any other info besides ul/dl speed. Which sucks. So I was able to modifyit so that they aren't automatically opened in the browser but now Azureus won't deal with them. When I try to open a new one (ie add it to the queue) I get this message: "IO Error:BDecoder::getByteArrayFromStream: truncated". Now as I understand it that is usually for bad .torrent files, but I've tried abunch of different ones from Oink and bt.etree.org with no luck. I have had Az runing since before I started using Opera (just trying it out for today to compare to Firefox) and those torrents are all going fine.

I'm not sure what to do at this point to get torrents to open up in Azureus now. Any suggestions?

OSX 10.4.7 and Azureus Thanks in advance.

2006-07-27, 08:06 PM
Just checking out the Azureus homepage and it says this about IO Errors:

Why am I getting "Error: IO Error" when I add new .torrent downloads?

What does this mean? This error usually means the .torrent file itself is invalid, i.e. is not a properly encoded torrent.

Why does this happen? This can happen with any .torrent file you download from a website, where the returned .torrent file is either truncated or invalid.

How do I know? Check to make sure that torrent file really contains torrent data. You should see file-names and tracker URL(s) if you open the .torrent file in notepad or another editor. If not a complete, encoded torrent file, then Azureus cannot use it. Often you can see what's wrong by reading the .torrent text, which is really just html.

What do I do? You need to somehow download and give Azureus a complete, proper .torrent file.

If the website employs referrer checking, you'll need to click the download link directly, or use a downloader that can send a referrer id (NOTE: Azureus 2105 CVSB43 and newer allows setting of the referrer via File-Open-URL). NOTE: The "referrer" page URL is not necessarily the URL showing in the browser "address" box (you need to, for example, right-click on the bit of the page where the link actually is and get its properties). Sometimes it helps to try to download it with another browser. So if you have problems while using Firefox try the Internet Explorer or another one you have installed.

Sometimes the server is overloaded or badly configured, and returns truncated data or error messages, in which case you probably have to wait a while for the server to recover.

You can also check if that particular torrent is available from elsewhere.

I'm guessing that the bolded part is the problem but what is Opera doing to the files and why don't the others do the same thing? I'm guessing ti has something to do with the fact that it has integrated BT.

2006-07-27, 08:12 PM
So it works fine when I download the torrent file with Firefox. Oh well I was definitely liking Opera better but there's not that much of a difference between the 2 I guess...but it would still be nice to be able to d/l torrent files with my browser of choice.

2006-07-27, 11:30 PM
I would love to take a look at the torrent file downloaded from firefox and from Opera. This is a strange problem and I am now very interested to see what is going on. Do you still have the torrents downloaded from each app? Can you send them to lsands11@<hidden> (I don't really feel like downloading Opera.)

2006-07-27, 11:46 PM
Comin' up Lynne. Give me a couple of minutes.

Edit: the problem seems to have resolved itself after restarting Opera. I think it had to do with changing the preferences for what opens .torrents (making it Azureus and not Opera) without restarting. But before when I was looking at the torrent file with text edit it was definitely a lot shorter than the one downloaded with Firefox (hence the truncated file error I guess). Oh well, that could have been an interesting problem. I guess the lesson here is always try restarting to fix the problem.

2006-07-28, 12:54 PM
OK so it's happening again, email coming your way Lynne.

2006-07-28, 01:44 PM
You know, this is just like this problem we had on our old tracker ages ago: http://www.thetradersden.org/forums/showthread.php?t=5258
(not accessible unless you are a mod). And, we never did figure out what the problem was but this sounds very much like it. :hmm: The only thing is that we are talking about two different browsers handling the download differently. It's almost like Opera is handling the head info from the download script differently.

2006-07-28, 04:47 PM
Maybe because it has that "built in" BT function?

2006-07-28, 04:51 PM
Have you read this: http://forum.techspot.in/showthread.php?t=1748

Also, is it only torrents from the one site or from any site?

I'm downloading Opera now to try it out myself.

2006-07-28, 05:05 PM
Hmmm, OK, I downloaded Opera and clicked on a torrent from here and it started in the Opera bittorrent client just fine (although it lists me as firewalled when I shouldn't be :hmm: ). Then, I went to the thread and did a Save File As and it downloaded just fine also.

What was it you did to download the file? You said you made it so you just click and it downloads the torrent instead of starting the torrent?