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2006-07-24, 02:42 PM
Hi all

Does anyone have "for Dummies" instructions on how to open up ports on a Belkin router?

Do I have to be un-firewalled to upload a file (I know its better, but is it essential).

I have Led Zepp Blueberry Hill for when this is all sorted out :D

2006-07-24, 03:04 PM
Go to www.portforward.com

Easy as pie.

2006-07-24, 04:26 PM
I have a Belkin router and have found that the best route to go for opening ports is via the Virtual servers pane rather than the Applications gateways one. It plays nice with UPnP (System settings) and I use Azureus so that makes things easy.

My router also sucks big donkeys' dicks, can't cope with my 10 meg connection and has to have the power cord yanked every now and then but at least you can forward the bugger's ports.

2006-07-25, 04:43 AM
Thanks both,

I shall try this out tonight (mind you having looked at the URL I think I should have asked for "opening ports for complete f**kwits" ;) )

2006-07-25, 06:25 AM
"opening ports for complete f**kwits" ;) )


Do I have to be un-firewalled to upload a file (I know its better, but is it essential).

No, it's not necessarily essential. But, just like being a leech on someone else's upload, you won't be able to connect to anyone else that is firewalled.

2006-07-25, 06:51 AM
This is my Virtual servers page. You can see the UPnP entries (3-5) but 9-12 (now unchecked) were what I used before I enabled UPnP. These entries are using 6881 as the listening port, which is the default.

The private IP address is that of the computer whose ports I want to forward. The key to the whole process is to make sure that the computer that you want to use has been assigned a static IP. That process depends on your operating system and portforward.com will help you there.

2006-07-25, 02:13 PM

I now have no "firewalled" thing under my login ID. I do have some nice green smiley faces in Azureus.

Thanks again