View Full Version : uploading error with torrent file

2006-07-23, 12:33 AM
i filled out the form, uploaded the torrent file, and hit 'submit' and got some error. " fatal error get date_time_code failed" or something like that. when i went back to try it again it says the torrent file has already been uploaded to the tracker. started seeding and never saw the thread pop up on TTD. is there a way to get around this. i tried renaming the torrent file, and even creating a new one, but it would accept it. thanks.

2006-07-23, 12:46 AM
Not sure about the original error (strange, never seen it), but if you get the second, just rename the torrent file (thisname.torrent to thisname2.torrent).

Hmmm, just saw you say you tried renaming it, and you couldn't? What error did you get then? Renaming should work (unless you have the wrong announce url?).