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Antonio Sillmon
2006-07-20, 03:55 AM
Last night (20/07/06) my system crashed while I was sleeping...zzz !
This morning I woke to find that all my torrents that I was seeding have vanished from my Utorrent.
I have also lost the original torrent files (so I cannot retrieve them) but I do have the full, and part downloaded files in a folder.
How do I re-assign these files back into Utorrent in order that I may continue to seed/download ? Hope you understand this...can anyone help me ?

Antonio... :hmm: :mad:

2006-07-20, 06:52 AM
Unless you deleted them, which I doubt, you should still have the torrent files. In that case, you just open them with utorrent and they will restart/pick up where you left off.

If you truly have lost the torrent files, then go back to the torrent sites where you got them and re-download a new torrent file. Make sure that you point utorrent to the folder the downloads go into, and it will do the rest, and pick up where the downloads left off. You should have bookmarked the torrents so you can find them again at the sites.

Antonio Sillmon
2006-07-20, 07:25 AM
:thumbsup Cheers,
lepaul...you are a top man. I didn't delete the torrent files, they went with the crash.
Thankfully I keep a log of everything that I d/l and seed so I will do as you tell me and d/l everything again.
I will try to remember to bookmark future torrents that I d/l...Once again thank you lepaul for your swift reply and all your help...

Antonio S... :wave: