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2006-07-16, 05:35 PM
My aunt wants to learn how to burn copies of audio cds. And then she came to me (natch), even if I'm a mac guy.

So my question is, which freeware PC (WinXP) application is the easiest to use?
It has to be able to:
- do a straight copy of audio cds with few errors - we're not talking EAC accuracy here, she doesn't frequent the Steve Hoffman board.
- make an audio cd from several different wav/mp3/etc. files
- do the above things WITH NO HASSLE, and AS EASILY AS POSSIBLE for a total newbie.

I'm really grateful for any recommendations!

2006-07-16, 07:20 PM
I think Nero fits that bill

2006-07-16, 07:50 PM
Aren't you at least *supposed* to pay for that ?

Burnatonce looks pretty nice (and it's still a bit *nixy).

2006-07-16, 07:57 PM
Hehehehe. :D
I was thinking freeware, not just free.

2006-07-16, 08:01 PM
Burnatonce looks good. How's Burrn? Are there any other good alternatives?

I'll try out Burnatonce now and check if it's simple enough for my dear auntie's needs.
EDIT: I don't think it is. I even had some trouble with it myself.
EDIT2: What does "nixy" mean?

2006-07-16, 08:26 PM
*nix = Linux/Unix

Bummer, hope something good turns up.

2006-07-16, 11:18 PM
I think Nero fits that bill


2006-07-17, 05:32 AM
Aren't you at least *supposed* to pay for that ?

Burnatonce looks pretty nice (and it's still a bit *nixy).
oops I didn't realize it was a request for freeware

last two burners I bought came with nero express bundled... that would do the trick if you can get a package like that

also doesn't winxp have roxio built into it now?

2006-07-17, 07:21 AM
That should have been the first thing to check; what's bundled with her computer. Some use Nero, and I know Dell use Sonic RecordNow or whatever it's called that should do the trick too. I'll have to check. I'm used to mac where there's no bundled burning app. Thanks for the answers

"Note to self: read thread before answering."

2006-07-17, 09:50 AM
wmp...windows media player 10 or 11....you can rip from a cd and burn onto a cd. no problem...quick and easy

if ya want to do vids too...just grab a few codecs from www.freecodecs.com

2006-07-18, 07:11 AM
Hadn't even thought of that because WMP annoys the hell out of me. But I won't be doing the burning anyway, I'm only gonna show her how to, so it doesn't really matter what I think.

Thanks a lot for the tips, everyone! I appreciate it.

2006-07-19, 06:51 AM
Think WMP does put 2 sec gaps. You can always download iTunes for PC? :cool:

2006-07-19, 10:48 AM
I was using xp today and as soon as you pop in a disc it gives an option to copy audio cd. not sure if its gapless, but worth a try.

2006-07-19, 11:20 AM
Think WMP does put 2 sec gaps. You can always download iTunes for PC? :cool:
Yeah itunes will burn audio CDs. Just make sure you choose "none" for "gap between song". You should be able to burn wav files.

and make sure you don't let itunes convert the files to AAC. It likes to do that. :lol

2006-08-06, 04:28 PM
iTunes might be the way to go, thanks for all the answers. And I'll configure it for her beforehand, so there won't be any problem with conversions or gaps. I'll post back here if it doesn't work out.

2006-08-06, 06:17 PM
ONES is definitely the jernt for PC heads ;)

but being she's probly needing simplicity as opposed to features "we" would want, i'd probly go the iTunes route as well...