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2006-07-14, 10:00 PM
Folks, announcing the release of Lplex 0.2 Beta, a simple drag-and-drop open-source win32 console utility intended to provide a free, quick, and hopefully painless way to

create a playable full-resolution "audio-only" dvd-video disc from
wave or flac audio filesets, with md5 verification and archival

extract unencrypted lpcm audio streams from dvd-video to wave or
flac in an md5-verified process.
2006-08-08 : Version 0.2 beta released
Please take a moment to look at the changelog (http://audioplex.sourceforge.net/doc/changelog.txt) and updated readme (http://audioplex.sourceforge.net/doc/readme_Lplex_0.2_beta_win32.txt).

Download (http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=171628&package_id=196137)
Home (http://sourceforge.net/projects/audioplex/)
Forum (http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=587986)
Mail: <audioplex-lpcm@<hidden>>

2006-07-24, 08:27 AM
So Far So Good Works great!! Be careful the sise of the jpg. if you choose to use your own the smaller the size the more audio you will be able to fit,Also keep the jpg.720X420 or it will not work! Nice to have the Essential Mix on one disc Sounds great!!

2006-07-24, 09:07 AM
Great pigebear! FYI Allowable picture resolutions in dvd-video are:

NTSC: 720x480, 704x480, 352x480, 352x240
PAL: 720x576, 704x576, 352x576, 352x288

Also keep the jpg.720X420 or it will not work!
(assuming you mean 720x480) What actually happened when it didn't work? I've tried 352x240 NTSC and it plays fine on a software player, though I haven't burned a test disc at this resolution.

2006-07-24, 09:20 AM
(assuming you mean 720x480)
I must of had 420 on my mind :D
But that is what I wanted to say 720X480.Thanks for the other sizes that work ,it will be a big help. Thanks Again!

2006-07-24, 09:51 AM
Sorry... the answer to your other question is: during the processing of the audio, error message came up. I have attached the jpg of the screen message.Hope it works

2006-07-24, 10:33 AM
What resolution was the jpeg? I take it that this is an illustration of what happens when the jpeg is not one of the allowed sizes, or is this a new problem you're having?

If (and only if) this is a new problem, would you mind attaching the file Lplex.log, which would still be in your user home directory, (type %USERPROFILE% in the Explorer address bar to go there ).

2006-07-24, 11:07 AM
This is the same prob. the res of the pic I used was 560X372 Do not ask me why or how i did this, just not paying attention. But the file worked with the Black NTSC jpg so I knew it was a problem with my jpg.So I adjusted it and everything went perfect! It was all me, not the progam

2006-07-24, 11:15 AM
All's well that ends well, then. Happy Listening.

2006-07-27, 09:11 AM
Would be great if the author implement upsampling for 44 kHz wav/flac files.

2006-07-27, 06:44 PM
Sorry, no upsampling any time soon, but there are several free/easy resamplers you might want to look at:

Shibatch, SRCdrop, and WaveFS44, all available at rarewares (http://rarewares.org/others.html), and also r8brain (http://www.voxengo.com/product/r8brain/). SRCdrop is a win32 frontend for SRC (http://www.mega-nerd.com/SRC/), which is incorporated into (and recommended by) Audacity (http://audacityteam.org/wiki/index.php?title=Libsamplerate).

2006-08-08, 02:51 PM
CHANGELOG: Lplex v 0.2 beta win32

Default black screen size is now 352x240-NTSC/352x288-PAL, and
can be user-set to any of the valid dvd-compatible dimensions.
If overwriting a previous v 0.1 beta installation, you can delete
'black_NTSC.jpg' and 'black_PAL.jpg', which are no longer required.

Partial authoring to either of raw lpcm, m2v, mpeg, or dvd stages
is now enabled. 'isoCreate' (-b) option is now deprecated in favor
of new general 'create' (-c)* option.

*note: 'cleanup' short switch is now changed to -C.

A dvdStyler (http://dvdstyler.sourceforge.net/)-compatible xml file can now be generated for authoring menus.

Flac compression level can now be user-specified.

Tightened input validation:
1. Titleset audio consistency is now enforced.
2. Dvd-compatibility of jpeg dimensions is now enforced.
3. Non-canonical wave headers and non-lpcm wave data are now rejected.
4. 32-byte iso volume id limit is now enforced.
5. Dvd start/end sectors are now cross-checked for consistency with pts endpoints during extraction.

bugfix: Terminal empty chapter no longer causes crash during extraction.